October 12, 2015

Sarasota Magazine by Chef Judi: “Curry Station Opens Second Location”


Curry Station recently opened its second location on Clark Road.  Its first spot on 301 may be in a tired strip mall, but once you walk inside the aromas of curry, cardamom, saffron and fresh baked naan bread transforms the space. Curry Station’s newest location brings its well-known lunch buffet and a large a la carte dinner menu to South Sarasota.

While I was never a huge Indian food fan, Curry Station changed the way I look at creative flavors. A dish does not have to be very spicy to be beyond flavorful, and I don’t think I have ever had a better samosa in my life! Chicken tikka masala was so tender from the Tandoor cooking method, and a dish of vegetable biriyani proved beyond expectations—it was filled with cauliflower, nuts and golden raisins.  The fish curry featured moist, tender white fish with medium heat that called for the homemade naan bread to sop up every delicious bit.

And service was so friendly and accommodating. One would never guess it was Curry Station’s first week in the new location. The owners not only cook your dishes, they help deliver food and make you feel right at home. I see a Curry Station catered dinner happening at our home soon.


Curry Station  B
3550 Clark Road, Sarasota (941) 924-7222; 1303 N. Washington Blvd., Sarasota (941) 312-6264

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