We invite you to join us on a culinary journey to India.

You will enjoy a fresh, delicious, and memorable meal at either Curry Station location.

About Curry Station and Chef Narendra

At Curry Station, a wide variety of Indian dishes are prepared in styles ranging from traditional, southern, Indo-Chinese, to Goan. The Kadhai pan and the Tandoori oven are among the Indian utensils and equipment used in Narendra Singh Saud’s kitchen as he prepares each dish.

Narendra began cooking at an early age in the kitchens of his mother and grandmother in Nepal, never thinking that it would become his profession.  Everything was fresh and organic.  His father soon began working in Mumbai, India and that was where Narendra would grow up. Learning about different cuisines stimulated his interest in other cultures, however, and he began to associate foods with the richness and diversity he found in the arts of cultures. 

At age 17 he began working in restaurants; first as a helper, soon progressing to assistant cook.  Knowing then that this was his chosen field, he applied for a three-year training program with the Marriott hotel in Mumbai and began professional education, learning from many master chefs.  After the program’s completion, he was invited to join the Marriott staff.

His professional journey took him to Dubai, and not long after, he was promoted to supervisor and transferred to Kuwait. Eventually he worked for elite hotel groups such as Intercontinental, Jumerah, and Kempinski.  He had the opportunity to join the staff of the Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman Island where he was able to learn more thoroughly to prepare fine Caribbean cuisine.  This Ritz Carlton location hosts the annual Cayman Cook Out, where he worked with famous chefs such as Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert.

Narendra was transferred to the Sarasota Ritz Carlton in 2011.  After this journey of fifteen years working with master chefs and learning many high cooking techniques, Narendra and his wife, Sushila, have decided to settle in Sarasota permanently to begin raising a family and they are striking out on their own with Curry Station.

Curry Station B was opened in 2015, offering diners a more refined atmosphere for enjoying traditional, authentic Indian dishes.  Both Curry Station locations offer beer and wine, an expansive lunch buffet, and a vast menu of entree selections.

Many special off-menu dishes can be available for those who have favorites not seen, or dishes associated with special seasons or holidays may also be requested.  Just inquire to enjoy new and favorite dishes, although some require hours of preparation and must be ordered in advance. 

Freshness is essential to Narendra so he will provide certain dishes only when he is able to obtain the very fresh ingredients at market.  Mussels, one of his specialties, is just such an item.