May 4, 2015

WTSP: Restaurant owner holds fundraiser for Nepal

By Isabel Mascareñas for WTSP | May 4, 2015

Sarasota, Florida — The death toll in Nepal has topped 7,000 and while the devastation is thousands of miles away, for some in the Bay area it hits home.

One Sarasota restaurant owner is heading back to Nepal to help out, but first he’s turning to his customers for help.

“No menu prices today,” says Narendra Singh Saud, owner of Curry Station, which is accepting donations only.

Narendra says, “Whatever the heart says $1, $2, whatever you give is a big help.”

Help for his people of Nepal, says Narendra. “Breaks my heart,” he says to see the devastation.

Indian restaurant owner Narendra is returning to Nepal this week. He will spend a month providing 1,000 meals a day and money from the fundraiser will help him help his people.

Narendra says, “You are doing something good for other people not only for other people but for yourself your own soul.”

Narendra’s village was spared but still feels aftershocks several times a day.

Hari Karna stopped to donate $1,000. Hari says, “I admire he’s going himself.”

Hari says Nepal, a poor country, already had its struggles and the earthquake made a bad situation worst.

“Extremely good people they should be given an opportunity to rise in the world,” says Hari.

But is Narendra ready to see what the earthquake left behind? “I don’t know,” he says.

Narendra knows this, “If you have hope you can survive.”

Narendra and his wife will leave their business in the hands of their five employees. Friends will help out, too, donating their time to help run the restaurant.

Narendra will post updates and photos of his visit on Curry Station’s Facebook page.

Anyone wanting to donate, can go to this GoFundMe site.

Click here to watch Narendra’s interview with WTSP.